Deep Tech Demo Day

Connecting Investors with Deep Tech Startups

Join the investors of Boost VC at our next virtual Deep Tech Demo Day, full of passionate and BIG-THINKING entrepreneurs, to witness 30+ visionary startups showcase the future of deep tech innovation.

We’re bringing together the most innovative Deep Tech companies, vetted by Boost VC and our partner VC firms, to accredited investors who are committed to the wild west of Deep Tech. Industries these founders are innovating in include aerospace, energy, climate, robotics, crypto, bio, AI/ML, spatial computing (AR/VR), healthcare, food, industrial and more.

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Available until Wednesday, May 1st, 2024

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Our Deep Tech VC Partners

We’re so grateful to the following firms for nominating startups for current and past Deep Tech Demo Days.

Alumni Ventures
Anorak Ventures
Anthropocene Ventures
At One Ventures
Atypical Ventures
Boost VC
Deep Future
Departure VC
Draper Associates
Draper Cygnus
Earthling VC
FOV Ventures
Future Planet Capital
Hartmann Capital
LifeX Ventures
Mana Ventures
Pathbreaker Ventures
Possible Ventures
Reinforced Ventures
Squadra VC
Starlight Ventures
Starship Ventures
Start Codon
Stellar Ventures
Sunset Ventures
Union Labs
Unruly Capital
Vedanta Capital
Vibe Capital

Interested in nominating one of your portfolio companies for the Deep Tech Demo Day? Contact for more information.

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